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The following requirements are mandatory for all NMSU students who have an F-1 or J-1 visa:

Full-time enrollment

F-1 visa status students must be enrolled full-time in fall and spring semesters, with very few exceptions, to remain in-status. For graduate students, this means at least 9 credits in the fall and spring semester. For undergraduate students, the minimum is 12 credits per semester. Only one class of your minimum credit load may be an online class.

Health Insurance

All international students (with F-1 status) and family members who hold F-2 status are required to have NMSU health insurance at all times. Students are barred from registering until proving health insurance coverage.

Address changes and personal data

It is important that ISS has (in addition to your local address) your NMSU email address, another email address, your local and/or cell phone number, and an emergency contact for you. If this information changes, please let us know.

Please remember that all international students are required to notify the ISS office within 10 days of any local address change. Update your address on your MyNMSU page, and also notify our office by email.

New documents

If you are issued a new passport or visa, ISS will need an updated copy.

Current signature

You will need to have your I-20 document signed by our administrator every six (6) months, to verify that you are still in-status and in good standing. Please allow one business day for processing.



Our office, International Student Services (ISS), can provide current students with the following documents:

  • New I-20 in case you:
    • need an extension to complete your degree. (We need this information in an email from your academic advisor).
    • lose your original I-20.
    • changed your major or degree. (If beginning a new degree new financial documentation is required.)
    • need an I-20 for family members (spouse and/or children) to travel to the U.S. (additional financial requirements apply).
  • Passport renewal letter. (Please provide a scan of your current passport ID page)
  • Family visit letter, to enable your family to visit the U.S. (spouse and/or children only).
  • Social Security Number. Students receive a social security number after finding on-campus employment. You'll need to have your employer provide a memo on NMSU letterhead that states your hired position.

For these documents, please allow five working days. Documents will be returned to your NMSU email address in PDF form. If you need assistance with your documents contact Dianne Gobrick, our immigration specialist.

Other document requests

Official transcripts, and address and enrollment verification letters can be requested from the Registrar's Office, located in the Educational Services Building, ph. 646-3411. Please allow 2 days processing, and pick up the item in person with your NMSU ID.

ISS Social, Educational and Cultural Programs

ISS is involved in various community outreach programs. If you are interested in participating in the Friendship Family Program (FFP), the International Speakers Bureau, or assisting new and current students, complete FFP applicationt application and return to Mary Jaspers.

Information and Events - the FSN Network

ISS manages an online listserv group (the 'FSN,' Foreign Students Network), which serves the international student community. If you have items to buy or sell, need a roommate, need to find a translator, etc. or would like to post information about a coming event of interest to the international community, you may post this information to the listserv by emailing to All new students are added to this group automatically. If you are not on the listserv, you may join the network by sending a request to be added to the list, to the same email address.

  • NMSU Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management: International Student Services
  • (575) 646-2736
  • Educational Services Building, Suite 8
  • MSC 3G / P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001