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Course equivalency tables for commonly transferred courses have been developed for many area colleges and universities. These documents shows course equivalencies only , and do not reflect any difference in credit hours between institutions. While these courses transfer to NMSU, specific degree requirements may differ. Please contact the academic department for specific degree requirements.

*NMSU reserves the right to modify these course equivalencies based on curriculum changes and program requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Transfer Process

How does the transfer evaluation process work?

After the Office of Admissions has admitted you to NMSU, your official transcripts will be forwarded to the Registrarís Office. Our evaluation team will review each of your courses for an equivalent NMSU course. After the evaluation is complete, Credit will be recorded on your academic record. A Transfer Credit Evaluation Form detailing the course and their equivalency will be mailed to you.

When will the evaluation take place?

If possible, courses are evaluated before you see an advisor. However, due to the large number of transfer applicants, evaluation may not be complete prior to advising. Your advisor may ask you to bring unofficial copies of your transcripts to your advising appointment if your official evaluation is not yet completed.

How are international transcripts evaluated?

Credit for previous academic work completed outside the U.S. is evaluated on an individual basis in cooperation with the student and the academic college.

We recommend that you submit an evaluation report from a credential service to receive transfer credit from an international college or university. The awarding of transfer credit can be processed faster when you provide a credential evaluation. The service must be one that is a member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

You are encouraged to bring information about your home country institution, courses, program of study, etc. with you to facilitate the credit transfer process.

Will my grades transfer?

Grades earned in courses taken at other institutions are not included in the calculation of the NMSU GPA, except for grades earned by approved National Student Exchange students..

Will “D” grades transfer?

Transfer students will receive full credit for course work completed with a grade of C or better, provided the classes are similar or equivalent to courses offered at NMSU. Transfer students may receive credit for courses taken at other institutions in which a D was received. However, NMSU does not accept the transfer of courses with D grades that satisfy basic academic competency (basic skills) in English and mathematics. Also, colleges or departments may choose to accept only courses graded C of higher in their programs for both transfer and native students.

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